Students – Alumni

The greatest asset of the School of Political Studies in Greece is our committed constituency of alumni who come from different segments of political and public life. Since 2014 the Symbiosis-School of Political Studies in Greece alumni network includes well over 1000 people who have taken part in some of our long-term programs. Through regular communication, help in the selection of new participants in our programs, consultation on new topics and participation in a growing range of Symbiosis activities, they act as another sounding board of our work.

They include current and former members of Parliament, State Secretaries, Ministers, high-level political party officials, mayors, as well as leaders in civil society, media, as well as activists from marginalized groups, such as migrants, Roma, refugees, LGBTQ+, and more than half are women. Many of these individuals have come to form a continuous relationship with the School, always attending new programs in their sphere of work or interest, or returning to our events as trainers or lecturers.

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