Sustainability & Research

Symbiosis-School of Political Studies in Greece is committed to embedding sustainable practices across all its activities – and to advancing the sustainability debate through policy-relevant teaching and research. The School produces interdisciplinary educational material and research in a wide range of policy-relevant fields.

Symbiosis-School of Political Studies projects are designed to engage directly with communities, the public and private sectors and civil society. Research and capacity building is undertaken within the framework of European Commission programmes, while the school’s faculty members and students consider and promote knowledge and analysis for justice and equality across communities and individuals locally, nationally in Europe and globally, and the strengthening of democracy, human rights and rule of law in all societal contexts. Sustainability refers to achieving universal and non-declining human well-being over time, particularly its economic, environmental and social dimensions, working on diverse real-world problems, such as gender-based violence, discrimination and human rights violations, migration and asylum, media and disinformation, environmental crisis, and more.

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